List of all Romanian Car Brands

Automobile Dacia, the most notable domestic car producer in Romania, began in 1966 with a little assistance from the French car company Renault. The first models were well received by Romanians excited to try these new autos in their own country. These cars grew in popularity throughout Eastern Europe, which was under the domination of communist rule. Throughout the following decades Dacia modified and improved its design to offer innovation, style and reliability at a decent price, making these cars affordable to a wide class of citizens. Dacia was finally purchased by Renault in 1999 and the newly acquired company continues to produce many popular brands and models.

The first model Dacia released was the 1300. This model design was left largely unchanged for thirty five years, eventually outliving the Soviet regime itself. The Dacia 1300 is a tangible trademark of Romanian culture and has become interlaced into stories and legends of Romanian ingenuity and endurance. Relatively simple in design and easy to fix, even novices are able to keep the vehicle running for years on little more than fumes and determination. The genius of the car is in fact its simplicity, making it cheap to repair and replace. Many Romanians proudly look after their 1300's as a part of the family.

The Logan, a new design by Dacia that was introduced in 2004, has proven a popular alternative and replacement to the 1300. It was released with much media fanfare and soon became one of the top selling models in Eastern Europe. It has also become the best selling car in Romania by a large margin. There are numerous versions of the Logan available since Dacia was acquired by Renault. The Logan is offered in both 2X4 and 4X4 models and as a hatchback. One of the latest models, the Duster is a continuation of Renault's crossover model. It is also available as in two wheel and four wheel options.

With name brand recognition and a reputation for durability the Dacia series now being offered by Renault will likely continue to gain prominence in Romania and around the world. Affordable and trustworthy, this tradition is a source of pride in Romania.